Natural Skincare Products : Bella Aura
This summer, I’ve been more interested in natural beauty and wellness in general, and as such, makeup has not really been a focus of mine. Enjoying this new-found freedom of minimalism and a bare face was the perfect time for me to try out this recently introduced plant-based skincare line, […]

Bella Aura : Natural Skincare {review + GIVEAWAY}

Bras & Health 1
Did you know that some researchers and doctors suspect that bra usage might be related to ill-health and possibly a trigger for breast cancer? While this theory is not absolutely conclusive, and has stirred A LOT of controversy and lash outs from established media, the reasons for suspicion are compelling… […]

How Bras May Affect Your Health

Kettlebell Workout
Exercise is a part of ‘natural’ beauty. Why? Well because in nature, we would have to exercise to survive, to collect sustenance to live and be healthy. And when we exercise, chemical reactions occur in the body that lead to the elimination of waste and the stimulation of youth preserving […]

On Fitness, Natural Beauty and Why You Don’t Have to ...

Organic Foundation - Fitglow Beauty
  Looking for a good organic foundation?  The Fitglow Beauty Vita-Active is an excellent option. I’ve been enjoying using this liquid foundation over the summer as it is lightweight feeling. It can be used for light coverage, just to even out the skin tone, but it can also be built […]

FitGlow Beauty Vita-Active : Organic Foundation

Organic Clothing
As I’ve said before, I’m not exactly the type of girl who keeps up with what’s chic or what’s cool to wear this season, or whatever. To me, fashion can be a nuisance, and a useless pass-time, especially since most of it is produced with synthetic chemicals and dyed with […]

Organic Cotton Dress : Aventura Brielyn

Women's Watches - JORD 02 1
With cheaply made accessories available everywhere today it can be hard to find unique gifts and fashion that are eco-friendly. Women’s watches particularly seem to be a dime a dozen these days, and not reflective of what a good quality time piece could be. As someone who values eco-friendly and […]

JORD Wooden Watches